2018 Summer Study Skills Camp
A Tool Bag For Success
July 29-31 or August 1-3

Discover Your Learning Style & Develop Skills To Help With:
Studying - Test Taking - Time Management - Note Taking - Goal Setting - Memory Tricks
Designed for students entering 6th-12th grade.

Led by Sheeva Koch, the owner and founder of Tutoring Rocks! Each student will be placed in a small group with five additional students, all close in age. Their group will have a dedicated mentor that they work with 3 HOURS a day, 3 DAYS in a row.

Where's The Camp? Tutoring Rocks Headquarters in El Dorado Hills

What Time Is The Camp? 9am-12noon

Concerned About Other Activities Interfering? Let us know what you have going on and we will do our best to accomodate you at another time!

$349 PROMO Before June 1st
$399 if you enroll on or after June 1st

Call us at (916) 370-0808 if you have additional questions.

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