2017 Chemistry Prep Course
July 26-27 or August 2-3
4pm-8pm each day

A proper introduction to chemistry for the perfect dose of confidence walking into the classroom the first day of school.
You will walk away from the Chemistry Prep Course with your guard of intimidation down and your head held high...just what you need as you enter the first day of school.

July 26-27 or August 2-3, 4pm-8pm each day

The prep course is held at the TR Headquarters in El Dorado Hills.

This course gives you an opportunity to come together with your peers at the end of the summer to learn some of the major chemistry concepts.

$299 if you enroll before June 1st
$349 if you enroll on or after June 1st

Call us at (916) 370-0808 if you want to learn more before you enroll.

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Cost: $299 ($349 if enrolled after June 1st)

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